Side lifter Service

Efficient and Safe Container Handling

Our sidelifter/sideloader services provide a safe and efficient way to transport and place your shipping containers, eliminating the need for docks or cranes. This is ideal for locations with limited space or those needing more infrastructure for traditional container handling.

Benefits of Sidelifter / Sideloader Services:

  • Versatility: We can handle various container sizes and weights, making them suitable for a wide range of cargo.
  • Accessibility: Sideloaders can access tight spaces and uneven surfaces, perfect for urban environments or remote locations.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate the need for additional equipment rentals like cranes, potentially saving you money.
  • Safety: Our experienced operators ensure your containers' safe loading and unloading.

How Sidelifter / Sideloader Works

Sidelifters are essentially trucks equipped with hydraulic arms that can pick up and move shipping containers from the side. This eliminates the need to tilt or lift the container, minimizing the risk of damage to the contents.

Our Services Include:

  • Container Pickup and Delivery: We can pick up your loaded container from any major port on the East Coast in the United States.
  • Container Placement: We can precisely place your container on or lift it from the ground, depending on your needs.

Sidelifter Included in Drayage Services

Our sidelifter/sideloader equipment is included in our drayage services. Drayage refers to the short-distance transportation of goods, typically between a port and a warehouse or storage facility. By utilizing sidelifters, we can streamline your drayage process and ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your containers.

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What is a sidelifter/sideloader?

A sidelifter/sideloader is a specialized truck equipped with a hydraulic arm that can lift and transport shipping containers from the side. This eliminates the need for docks or cranes for loading and unloading.

What are the advantages of using a sidelifter/sideloader?

  • Versatility: They can handle various container sizes and weights.
  • Accessibility: They can access tight spaces and uneven surfaces.
  • Cost-effective: Reduced need for additional equipment rentals.
  • Safety: Experienced operators ensure safe container handling.

Do your sidelifter/sideloader services include drayage?

Yes, our drayage services include the use of sideloaders. We can transport your containers from the port to your desired inland location, or vice versa.

What port locations do you cover with your sidelifter/sideloader services?

We offer sidelifter/sideloader services in all major port locations, including:

New Jersey, New York, Norfolk, Houston, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Atlanta (rail yards), Mobile, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond.

What happens if my desired port location is not listed?

Please contact us! We may still be able to accommodate your needs depending on availability.

Do I need a permit to use your sidelifter/sideloader services?

Permits may be required depending on the weight and size of your container and the specific location. We can help you navigate the permitting process if needed.

How much does your sidelifter/sideloader service cost?

The cost of our services depends on several factors, including the distance, container size and weight, and any additional services required. Contact us for a free quote!