Overweight and Triaxle Service

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TMX Intermodal is your one-stop shop for handling overweight container drayage across major US ports. We understand the challenges of transporting cargo exceeding standard weight limits. That's why we offer efficient and reliable overweight and triaxle services to ensure your cargo reaches its destination smoothly.

What are Overweight and Triaxle Services?

Overweight cargo refers to containers exceeding the standard weight limit set by regulations. To safely transport these containers, special equipment is required. Triaxle chassis, equipped with three axles instead of the usual two, provides the necessary support and stability for hauling overweight cargo.

Why Choose TMX Intermodal for Overweight and Triaxle Drayage?

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience handling overweight containers. We understand the permitting process, route planning considerations, and safety protocols specific to overweight cargo.
  • Equipment: We have a fleet of well-maintained triaxle chassis specifically designed for overweight containers.
  • Nationwide Coverage: TMX Intermodal can handle your overweight container drayage needs in major US ports.
  • Permits and Compliance: We obtain the necessary permits for overweight cargo transportation, ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  • Safety First: TMX Intermodal prioritizes safety above all else. Our drivers are trained in handling overweight cargo and adhere to strict safety protocols.

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Don't let overweight containers slow down your supply chain. Contact TMX Intermodal today for a free quote on our overweight and triaxle drayage services. We'll ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.


What is considered overweight cargo?

Weight limits for containers vary depending on location and road class. Generally, anything exceeding 40,000 lbs (gross vehicle weight) is considered overweight and requires special permits.

What areas do your overweight & triaxle drayage services cover?

We offer flatbed drayage services throughout the East Coast, including major ports like New Jersey, New York, Norfolk, Houston, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Atlanta (rail yards), Mobile, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond.

What type of permits are needed for overweight cargo transportation?

The specific permits required depend on the weight and dimensions of your cargo and the travel route. TMX Intermodal will handle the permit application process for you.

Do you have different types of triaxle chassis?

Yes, we have a variety of triaxle chassis configurations to accommodate different cargo weights and dimensions. Our team will assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable chassis.

What are the additional costs associated with overweight drayage?

Overweight permits and potential route deviations can incur additional costs compared to standard drayage. TMX Intermodal will provide a transparent quote outlining all associated fees.

How long does it take to obtain permits for overweight cargo?

Permit processing times can vary depending on the weight, route, and issuing agency. We recommend contacting TMX Intermodal well in advance to allow sufficient time for permit acquisition.

What happens if my cargo exceeds the permitted weight after the initial booking?

Please inform TMX Intermodal immediately if your cargo weight changes after booking. We can reassess the situation and adjust the permit application or recommend alternative solutions.

Are there any restrictions on routes for overweight cargo?

Certain roads may have weight restrictions. TMX Intermodal will plan the most efficient and compliant route for your overweight shipment.

Do your overweight drayage drivers have any special qualifications?

Yes, our drivers undergo specialized training for handling overweight cargo. They are familiar with safe driving practices, permit requirements, and route regulations for overweight loads.

Can you handle overweight container drayage outside the listed ports?

We encourage you to contact TMX Intermodal to discuss your specific needs. We can accommodate overweight drayage requests outside our listed ports depending on location and feasibility.