Payment Information

Any delays in payment are subject to a late payment fee. Payments that do not include original invoice identifying information will incur additional processing fees.

The provider encourages the customer to remit payment electronically. Electronic payment information is included within this package. Customer agrees to supply sufficient advice to allow the provider to accurately apply payment against the invoices as intended by the customer. The provider will apply payments against the oldest invoices if such advice is lacking.

All remittances should be made to:

TE Funding-Capital Inc., EIN 85-0517371

122 Delaware St.

New Castle, DE 19720

Tel: 302-551-2600

Fax: 908-555-1212


For prompt application of your remittance to your account and to avoid late fee charges, we encourage our customers to use electronic payments. Please advise TMX Intermodal Inc. if you will be paying invoices electronically.

BANK: JP Morgan Chase

ADDRESS: 339 N. Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07208

PHONE NUMBER: (908) 282-7001

ACCOUNT NAME: TE Funding – a Division of CSC



ACH: 021202337


ABA: 021000021